LLG – the powerful and efficient service provider for laboratory dealers

The LLG is the central organisation of a cooperative of 34 laboratory dealers in Europe, Asia and Australia.

In the recent years the LLG has developed itself from a purchasing association into a holistic and powerful service provider for its partners.

The task of the LLG is to develop and secure the future success and the market position of the partners. Therefore we offer our partners not only a comprehensive range of laboratory consumables and devices but also efficient services.

Central buying
We provide our partners efficiencies in purchasing with more than 600 suppliers. By bundling orders we achieve competitive purchasing conditions and through collective invoices in connection with an online processing of all business transactions we can ensure an error-free and fast flow of goods and information.

The fast, reliable and economic supply of products within 24 hours are crucial features for the laboratory trade.
The LLG stocks over 17,000 items for the partners and delivers even small quantities in a fast and reliable manner with the delivery note of the partner to customers throughout Europe.
Partners with their own logistics benefit from the ability to order individual products according to order demand and to consolidate. Through this they can reduce their procurement costs and tied-up capital.

Catalogue and marketing
Catalogues – in paper or electronic form- build the central instrument of sales promotion in the laboratory trade.  In cooperation with its partners the LLG develops different catalogues in 8 languages and produces these in the corporate design of the partner. Content data is available media neutral for the partners. The local marketing of the partners is supported by the design and production of customised promotion material in print or PDF form as well as email of web campaigns.

The LLG offers its partners the exclusive brand LLG Labware. With the LLG Labware the partners have the opportunity to provide their customers with high-quality equipment and consumables at an attractive price-performance ratio and to differentiate themselves from the competition. Just: „good quality – great value!

Content- and data management
The LLG offers its partners solutions for all relevant areas of electronic communications. Our partners not only benefit from the expertise of a large association group but also from individual company solutions. More than 170,000 products are permanently maintained in our database and are provided to the partners in many different formats. These formats range from ERP data to marketing data with images for the electronic shops.